Wool Blazers and Waistcoats

A classic basic or a seasonal statement - a good wool blazer is the best and most useful thing you can own. No wardrobe is complete without this versatile item. Invest in a new wool blazer and dress it up or down. Wear your blazer over jeans for a relaxed look or consider combining a wool blazer with skirts or trousers for more formal occasions. A blazer worn over any knitwear or a casual top is a winning combination. There are almost limitless outfit possibilities for you to try. Browse our full blazer collection at K&US to find your next wardrobe staple.
Our blazers are crafted from pure woven wool or boiled wool but we also stock stunning quality wool blend stylesconsisting of linen and wool. Several of our wool blazers lined with fine viscose for comfort and style.

Reasons for Choosing Wool

Wool is a beautiful, high-quality fabric and it has several key properties that other fibres just cannot match. When you become the owner of a K&US wool blazer, you will be able to relish the thought that wool is natural and comes from a renewable source and that it is beneficial to the ongoing health of our planet’s ecosystems. A wool blazer has superior wicking and anti-bacterial properties which means it is naturally odour resistant. Breathable and insulating, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool Pilling

Pilling – or linting - is a natural, inevitable occurrence amongst products that are made using wool fibres. Knitted fabrics will pill easily, as they have a loose structure, while woven fabrics and fabrics made from tightly twisted yarns are less likely to pill. Pilling tends to concentrate in certain areas that receive more of that friction, like where you carry your hand bag. You can remove the excess pilling by hand, by using a wool comb or by getting an electronic handheld “de-piller” or “fabric shaver”. A wool blazer is meant to be a great investment piece that can be worn for years to come. Give it the love it deserves by caring for it and wearing it often!

How to care for my wool jacket

As the happy owner of a wool blazer, you are automatically protecting the environment as wool products can last longer and require less frequent washing. Give your washing machine a rest - a simple airing is often enough to refresh woollen garments – simply hang them outside on a dry day for a couple of hours.
The safest way to wash your wool blazer is to wash it by hand in cold water (without soaking) with some wool detergent. Lay it flat and let it dry naturally. Occasionally we will recommend dry cleaning. Store your wool blazer well and hang it with a lavender sachet or cedar hang up to keep moths at bay.