K&US privacy policy and how we process your personal data

Company name and details

K.U.S Stockholm Sweden AB, org. nr. 556567-7746, Hornsgatan 68, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden +46 (0)8-280 708 service@kandus.se

Information we collect when you register.

When you order with us, we ask for and keep information such as your name, e-mail address, credit and debit card details. A contact telephone number may also be required. All this is necessary to process your request or notify you of acceptance of your order.

We process the above information when you register with us and when we fulfil an order for products placed with us including billing and delivery. Unless you have asked us not to, we will also use data in order to develop our marketing.

In some cases, personal data may be used by a third party in which case a written agreement will be created to regulate the agreed usage of that personal information. The agreement will restrict the ongoing usage to only those areas approved by us.

How we use your information

K&US use your personal data to process orders and provide other services according to your consumer rights. Periodically, we may also use your information for marketing purposes informing you of new products or offers.

Data retention

Unless you wish to request that data we hold about you is deleted, the required retention period for any personal data will be deemed to be 3 years from the date of your last order.

Should the official law or regulations require that the personal information is kept for a longer period of time, then data will be retained using same principles as defined above.

Lawful basis for retainment of personal data

We retain your personal data to be able to manage our relationship with you and to fulfil an order for products placed with us. Unless you request that data we hold about you is amended, we also use data to improve our services, marketing, customer relationships and experiences.

Your privacy rights

You have a right to know about our personal data processing activities and to request information about your personal data held by us. You have right to receive copies of personal data we hold about you in an easily readable format. Please contact us as described at the top of this page. Furthermore, you have the right to either correct or erase your personal information. You may also request that your data is no longer processed in a certain way (i.e. used for marketing purposes). You also have the right notify us if you no longer wish us to hold your personal data (data will be removed subject to completion of any outstanding transactions). However, the services provided by K&US require personal data to be held in order to fulfill orders, expedite returns and other communications related purchases.

Complaints to Datainspektionen

We hope that you are in agreement with the way in which we approach and use your personal data. Should you find it necessary, you have the right to raise a concern with the Swedish information regulator ‘Datainspektionen’. Email your query to:  www.datainspektionen.se or contact by phone: +46 (0)8-657 61 00.